On Sunday mornings the quaint, historic Gaya Street in the heart of Kota Kinabalu is transformed into a bustling market. This relic of colonial British North Borneo, as Sabah was formerly called, becomes a mecca for tourists and locals alike, as they flock to the market from as early as 6AM to find bargains in everything from exotic fruit to local art. There is a festive air about the street, with strains of music from traditional gongs, the symbol of the local Kadazandusun culture.

If you walk the length of the street on one side and back on the other side, you will encounter up to 500 stalls selling just about everything.  There are cut flowers and plants,-the colourful orchids are sure to catch your attention,-live pets such as fluffy rabbits and puppies, fish, landscape paintings by local artists, traditional medicine, Sabah handicrafts, books, clothes...and much more.  Another item popular with tourists is the array of beautiful shells and corals.

Whatever else you plan to do in KK, a visit to Gaya Street on a Sunday is a must, and you are sure to come away with some souvenirs as a memento of your happy holiday in Sabah.